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Who is Tangi-Flow?

Founded in 1946, Tangi-Flow Products Limited is a precision engineering company based in Coventry, UK.

Thomas Ivor Brock introduced the world-famous auto-retract roller box to the manufacturing sector and over 60 years later, this roller box is still used by hundreds of different manufacturing companies worldwide.

In 2009, the introduction of a new and modern production strategy enabled Tangi-Flow to confirm its position as the leading UK manufacturer and supplier of the auto-retract roller box and the associated tips, broaching heads and broach cutting bits.

Today, Tangi-Flow tooling is a world-renowned brand. You are guaranteed original quality tooling solutions when you buy Tangi-Flow Products.

What We Provide

Tangi-Flow roller box turning is the most effective means of producing accurate, true and parallel diameters with maximum repeatability.

Ideally suited to any manual, multi spindle or CNC lathe, the unique auto-retract action enables the roller box to be retracted in cycle whilst leaving no return mark on the work piece.

Surface finishes as low as 4 CLA have been achieved dependant on machine condition and material. The range of Tangi-Flow roller boxes cover capacities from 1.3mm to 51mm diameter. This, coupled with the different grades and styles of insert available, ensures a truly flexible tool.

Rotary broaching is a fast and accurate method for producing internal and external forms in the end of the work piece.

The broaching tool holder can be used on any CNC lathe, manual lathe, multi-spindle lathe, milling or drilling machine. The holder has an internal live spindle; the cutting tool is mounted in the spindle.

Although the holder is mounted stationary the spindle and the cutting tool are driven by work piece rotation.

Whilst rotating with the work piece the end cutting broach tools pressure and contacting points are continually changing contact points on the work piece this enables broached forms to be easily produced.

The latest edition to the Tangi-Flow product range – precision tool holders for CNC machines – enables us to offer a one-stop solution for your tool holding requirements.

Driven by customer demand, our range of CNC tool holders are manufactured from case-hardened steel – core tensile strength min 800N/mm, surface hardness of HRC60 – and precision-ground for solid spindle contact.

Standard tool holders are balanced to 8,000 RPM – 12,000 RPM & 20,000 RPM available upon request. Complete tool holder packages available for CNC machines to meet the demands of increased productivity.

Benefits of Using Tangi-Flow over the Competition

Tangi-Flow products not only give you high precision and top quality tooling solutions, you are guaranteed the original manufacturer’s promise.

Remember, fakes break! When you order from Tangi-Flow, you know that you are getting the best quality solutions and the aftercare you deserve. With hundreds of spare parts available for your Tangi-Flow products, and your Tangi-Flow team to support you, your operations will always run smoothly.