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Roller Boxes

Tangi-Flow roller box turning is the most effective means of producing accurate, true and parallel diameters with maximum repeatability. Ideally suited to any manual, multi-spindle or CNC lathe, the unique auto-retract action enables the roller box to be retracted in cycle whilst leaving no return mark on the work piece. Surface finishes as low as 4 CLA have been achieved dependant on machine condition and material. The range of Tangi-Flow roller boxes cover capacities from 1.3mm to 51mm diameter. This, coupled with the different grades and styles of insert available, ensures a truly flexible tool.

Tangi-Flows claims of durability and quality are not simply optimistic assurances. The whole product range have undergone the most stringent form of testing for many years producing high quality products for the most demanding judge... the end user.

AR/OOM Rollerbox

The smallest rollerbox in the range, but still offering the following facilities:- Auto-retraction, integral tipholder capable of holding indexable inserts with a variety of cutting geometrics, micro-adjustment of size, and a range of metric and imperial shank sizes.

AR/TO Rollerbox

Slightly larger rollerbox with more capacity, but offering the same facilities of auto-retraction integral tipholder taking triangular or rhomboidal inserts with a variety of cutting geometrics, microadjustment of size, and a range of metric and imperial shank sizes. Suitable for small diameter turning on CNC lathes.

AR/T1 Rollerbox

The most popular and versatile mid-range rollerbox offering integral tipholders to suit both the triangular or rhomboidal shaped indexable inserts, along with auto-retraction, micro-adjustment of size, and a range of metric and imperial shank sizes.

AR/T5-M & AT/T6-M Rollerboxes

These roller boxes are manufactured to a modular construction where the main body remains constant. Various back plates are available, not only to suit the recommendations shown. Back plates and shanks can be supplied to suit a wide variety of machines including CNC lathes, etc., including Wickman Type Centre Block Fitting. The length of turn can also be modified to suit your requirements.

AR/T9-M Rollerbox

A smaller version of AR/T5-M – again manufactured to a modular construction. The box can be supplied with either shank mounting or flange fitting to suit a variety of capstans, autos and CNC machines, also Wickman Type Centre Block Stations are available.

Hand or Air Operated Rollerboxes

Flange mounted hand or air retracted rollerboxes, especially suited to producing a square shoulder with a good quality turned face on a component. Needle roller assemblies and a robust construction allow deep cuts to be taken. Used on hand operated machines or where air is available to the turret.

Rollerbox Spares

Spares for Type AR/T2, Type AR/T3, AR/AM-1 AR/A2-M AR/A3-M, and Brown & Sharpe Type.

Tangi-Flow Grades & Inserts

Plain Carbon Sheets, Alloyed Steels, Stainless Steels, Chipstream Insert, Chipbreaker Insert , Pos. Insert, & Alternative Radii.

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